Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Things rarely go as planned.
September 17, 2017
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Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Why AYS.

I was less than a stellar High School athlete. I ran cross country and distance track events generally finishing dead last.

Even later on, literally “passing out” midway through my fist mountain bike race, Davos hill climb in Vail 1991, or running my first ½ marathon, Moab 1999 and walking much of it. It would have been difficult to predict my future running and cycling accomplishments.

As the saying goes, now after years and years of hard work, effort, and application I am suddenly an accomplished endurance athlete.

Through it all, I was, and I believe I still am, simply ordinary. With one small exception.

Through decades of trial, error, tribulation and ultimately – experience – I’ve learned that with the right mindset, the right beliefs and strong will – leading to self-confidence – ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

I’ve always believed in getting help and seeking advice and knowledge from those more intelligent than me. As I began improving as an athlete I wanted help and sought the guidance of a coach. And, for the last decade and a half, I was a coached athlete. I’ve enjoyed the guidance of some of the very best coaches in the business. My fitness and my accomplishments have come a long long long way and I have learned a ton. Years and years of “do’s” and “dont’s”. Skills, drills, formulas, timing, pacing, suffering, committing and overcoming incredible odds and challenges.

I’ve benefitted greatly from expert coaching and the science really matters. That said I realize there is room and need for additional focus. For helping each of us grapple with the mental barriers that hold us back. The voice in our head tell us “no”, “I can’t”, “quit”, “don’t try”, “give up”.

That is the AYS difference. That is what I add in my coaching that many do not. At AYS it’s all about – “I can”, “I will”, “do it”, “get up” – simply – “Amaze Your Self”.

If you are someone Ordinary looking to do something Extraordinary – no matter how large or how small the goal, If you are ready to get beyond your comfort zone, step it up a notch or three, finally achieve your goal – I am here to help you each step, pedal, or stroke along the way. Join me and begin to Amaze Your Self today!

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