Jon H

Jon H. 70.3

Jon came to AYS for help conquering 70.3 Ironman - His letter below pretty much sums up the journey.

"Morgan isn't going to stand over you while you're training, but he knows what you need so you're improving, and more importantly. "he knows when you need it." Jon

Have you ever had the desire to take on a challenge that you knew you could accomplish and told yourself “I know how to train for that.” That is where I was at when I decided that I was going to tackle a 70.3 Ironman. I had done several endurance events in the past and was an avid runner and cyclist. I knew how to swim (wasn’t my strong suit) and figure I could train on my own. I told myself that 10 months was plenty of time to get myself ready, and off I went. Or so I thought. 4 months later, I found myself saying “I’ll start training tomorrow, except tomorrow never seem to come. During my annual mountain biking trip to Moab in the early spring, I met Morgan. He was invited to join us on our trip by one of the other guys that comes to Moab. As we sat around during our “off time” I got to know Morgan. Morgan is exactly as he appears when you meet him. Low key, super friendly, easy going. Morgan told me that he was a coach for endurance athletes, training people for anything and everything. During our trip never did Morgan ever try to “sell himself” to me, even after he learned I was going to take on this challenge of a 70.3 Ironman. After our week of riding together, we all went our separate ways, and that was the end of that. Or so I thought. I found myself 2 weeks later still saying “I’ll start training tomorrow” and I knew something had to change. That’s when I reach out to Morgan and asked if we could meet for lunch and talk about having him train me. I knew I needed something to kick me into gear. At the end of our lunch, I was convinced that Morgan could provide me with what I needed - A training plan, motivation, and most important accountability. During my training, Morgan was in constant communication with myself via text, email, phone and in face meetings when it was needed, requested, or deemed appropriate by Morgan. I won't bore you (or scare you) with the details of my training, since everyone starts at a different place and progresses at different rates, but what Morgan provided me worked! He took into account ALL aspects of my life (work, travel, family, etc.) and provided me with weekly training plans based around these factors. When I was traveling and didn't have access to a bike, Morgan had me focus on running and swimming. So, with only 5 1/2 months of actual training under my belt (not the 10 I had planned on), off I went to race, and race I did. Thanks to Morgan, I placed 6th out of 95 athletes in my age category that actually completed the race. Looking back after having time to reflect on my experience, Morgan not only was my coach, but that person that held me accountable to do the work, so I would successful. Morgan isn't going to stand over you while you're training, but he knows what you need so you're improving, and more importantly. "he knows when you need it." I look forward to working with Morgan again in the future, when I figure out my next challenge, but know I need that one individual that will make sure I achieve what I am capable of.



Lindsay came to me with the desire to take on much longer races... She did fantastic and enjoyed the AYS experience so much we are now taking on her move to something completely new... Triathlon!

"Coach: A person who trains an athlete."

"Morgan: A leader, a compass, a resource, an inspiration.."

"When I decided to run my first 100k, I knew I needed to transform my training without extending my weekly mileage. I had run marathons, 50k's and a 50 miler. My time is limited, so when my feet hit the ground I need to make gains that will get me across the finish line in less time and in better shape. Morgan helped me fulfill that goal. He created a well-designed, progressive and innovative training program that pushed me to run smarter, reach further and let go of self-imposed boundaries. There were mornings when my heart was pounding, my feet aching and my mind telling me I couldn't go farther. But those challenging tempo runs and fartleks are what gave me the strength I needed, both mentally and physically, to carry me through the lows and embrace (speedily) the highs of my 100k. If you want a fresh perspective and are ready to transform your training, Morgan can help you achieve your goal. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, or a triathlete, he has the experience, the passion and the dedication to carry you to your next adventure. And it doesn’t stop there. When we achieve goals, we set new ones. We evolve. Now my training involves more than just a pair of sneakers. It’s goggles, swim cap, pool, lake, gears, bike, shoulders of a road. I’m not ready to stop at the finish line. I aspire after new challenges and I count on Morgan to help me get there."



I worked with Ryan to achieve his first race goals taking his recreational riding experience and translating it to racing. He's loving it!

"Having Morgan as a coach is a good mix of excitement, encouragement, discipline, and balance. Morgan convinced me to do my first race ever which was the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. A road race on Saturday and a mt. bike race on Sunday. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had on a bike. It was also hard as hell, but I have been seriously hooked on racing. He has helped me with my training ever since and I am continually getting faster and feeling stronger. Even though I am on the other side of the country it’s like Morgan is down the street and ready to ride and keep me motivated. If I could sum up Morgan in one word it would be integrity. You can see it when you meet him, and the way he presents himself and that translates through his training. He believes in himself, and he believes in you as an athlete. "


Mary Kate

Mary Kate came to me for support in stepping up from her longest race of a 1/2 marathon to take on the Moab Red Hot 33k. That's a BIG step up to a really challenging race! She finished 7th over all woman.

"I felt like Morgan thought about every aspect of my race when it came to my training. The concepts were easily understood for workouts and built off one another each week. I felt strong when I completed my race, I felt amazing and like I could keep going. He checked in almost every day and wanted feedback. He had an overall plan but would make adjustments here and there depending on how I felt or what was going on with me. I would hire Morgan to train me all the time if I could..."

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