New Year – New Start

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November 27, 2019
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New Year – New Start

Be simple - be strong

My life and coaching advice for you as we all begin a new decade is (Drum roll please)

Keep it simple.

If you are an athlete, I coach we have discussed life’s complications and how to fit in the work. Are considering being coached, I bet this thought rings true too?

The key to getting fit amid a crazy schedule – keep it simple. Removing the distractions from life and training, keeping it simple, will give you more time to devote towards the things that matter most.

Here is a simple project for you.

Make a list of the most 20 essential things in your life.

Please review it and scratch-off the 5 least essential items.

Review it – Can you forgo those 5?

If so, scratch-off 5 more.

Review it – Can you forgo those 5?

Of the remaining 10-15 items rank them in order of importance.

Now, circle the top 5.

Post the list on your mirror. Review the list often and focus your time on these top priorities.

What is the best nutrition advice I read this year?  Simple, natural foods. If it comes with a label, read it and go for the shortest list possible – keep it simple.

What is the best training advice I can give? Keep it simple. Effective key workouts. Be very consistent. Do the work.

What is the best relationship advice I can give? (Whether its the relationship with your coach, your spouse, your partner, your kids, your boss or your friends)

Please keep it simple. Listen. Communicate. Use your words.

What is the best performance advice I can give? Keep it simple. Set effective goals. Build a simple plan. Do the work. To busy for that? I can help!

Simply put, that is it. 5 keys to your very best year yet!

If you or someone you know needs help in the fitness and performance department, reach out. I am here to help you Amaze Your Self.

2020 – Here we come!

Morgan Murri


Amaze Your Self performance coaching


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