Don’t survive, thrive through the holidays!

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August 26, 2019
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January 1, 2020
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Don’t survive, thrive through the holidays!

One incredible finish!

An athletic perspective on the Holiday Trifecta Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s!

Regardless of your religious, cultural beliefs or customs, this time of year is challenging for all. For athletes, I believe it is especially so.

As a coach and an athlete, I’d like to share my top 10 tips for surviving and thriving the season.

1-Thanksgiving. Literally. Be THANKFUL. As an athlete, you have so many reasons to be thankful! You don’t have to look around very much to see that your health and ability to be athletic is the ultimate gift. I tell many of you in your pre-race briefing. “At some point along your day, take at least one moment to look up, look around, and give thanks for your ability to be right here right now, alive and living this adventure!” Embrace that every day.

2- Moderate. We are all type AAA personalities. We fall into the category of “when in doubt, do more and go harder.” Use the holiday food table as a training opportunity to focus on going easy. Resist the urge to “dig-deep.” Instead, focus on the much harder task of holding back.

3-Pay it forward. As part of giving thanks and staying active, hold yourselves accountable by getting others active too. Find a Thanksgiving run or Christmas “Santa Run” to do and invite your friends, kids, parents to join. The peer pressure commitment will be significant for all of you.

4-Visualize. Look ahead to New Year’s and put yourself in that moment. 1/1/2020. On that day, see yourself looking back over the last 30 days of holiday binging. What will you regret (all that extra pie, wine, days on the couch with football?) Snap back to reality now and don’t let those regrets play out.

On the flip side. Back at 1/1/2020. What do you wish you would have done? Run more? Hit the pool a few times, climbed on your bike even though it was cold?

Good – remember this and do it!

5-Christmas (See #2).

6-Give the gift of health and fitness. Gift a coaching package to someone you love or to yourself and set 2020 up to be your most amazing year yet!  Click here to save 20% and create a gift certificate.

7-Take someone you care about to the gym, on a run or out for a ride instead of an unwanted gift they will forget about by days end.

8-New Year’s (See #2)

9-Dream big! 2020 has an incredible ring to it. Why not choose this year to Amaze Your Self truly? I know I will. Guiding more athletes than ever towards Amazing moments, racing, and going huge myself to set an example of defining new limits and, once again, putting on a most EPIC event (can you say gravel?) stay tuned!

10-Now, make a plan. Need a bit of help? Check this out from last year.

As the founder of Amaze Your Self, I want to wish you and your families the happiest of holidays! I wish for each of you a healthy, happy finish to a fantastic year and that you go bigger than ever in 2020.

Dream big and know that I am in your corner and ready to help you Amaze Your Self!


Morgan Murri

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