5 ways to make 2019 an exceptional performance year!

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August 9, 2018
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August 26, 2019
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5 ways to make 2019 an exceptional performance year!

Make 2019 Amazing

Each new year provides the opportunity for a fresh start and novel goals and dreams. New resolutions can be cliché and short-lived, or more optimistically, true opportunities for improvement.

As an eternal optimist and a coach here to motivate you to be your best, read below on how to stay loyal to your goals:

  1. Do the grind. Behind every excellent athletic performance is a LOT of hard, steady work. Day in and day out you have to put in the work. As a coach, I’ve learned that virtually all athletes rely on me and benefit from providing the daily structure of workouts and putting that structure together in a strong, progressive program. The athletes who excel are those that grind out the plan, day in and day out.
  2. Define your “why.” I’ve written about this in more detail here. Simply put, you need to have purpose behind your motivation to do the work. Have a frank conversation with yourself and determine “why” it is you want to train. When you figure it out see #4.
  3. Define 3 goals: 1.) Your big, grand goal. A race that is important to you or a big objective (run a marathon, ride the Triple Bypass, etc.); 2.) A monthly or shorter-term goal, which supports your big goal, such as losing 5 lbs. by March 1stor running 15 miles non-stop by x date; 3.) Your daily or weekly goal, which supports your shorter-term goal, such as reducing your carb intake or following your training plan each and every day to build up your mileage.  The key to goal setting is to make each goal specific and tangible: “Finish the Triple Bypass or run a marathon in 3:30. Lose X Lbs. Follow my plan EACH day.” Then see #4.
  4. Write it down! Distill your “why” down to a simple definitive statement. “I want to do the _______ (fill in the blank) because it will give purpose to my training and commitment to the healthy lifestyle I want to live”… or something like that in YOUR words. Do the same with each of your 3 goals. Clearly write each one down. I like to define my why and my 3 goals simply enough to fit on a sticky note or a 3×5 card. Either will help you keep your goals simple and clear.
  5. Take your 4 notes (your why and 3 goals) and stick them on your bathroom mirror. Each night before you go to bed and each day when you get up review them and assess your commitment. Reframe and edit as you need to but reaffirm and recommit to what you have before you. 

Then, do the grind and do it with the intention and purpose you’ve defined for yourself.

Need some help? Contact your Coach. Don’t have a Coach? Get one!

Happy New Year and grind on!

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