“That” is what I am talking about!

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October 19, 2017
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November 8, 2017
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“That” is what I am talking about!

Today I did that airport thing… Killing time before a 14-hour flight, standing in front of the magazine rack and debating between Trail Runner, Outside, Triathlete, MTB Action, Velo News, etc., etc., knowing my backpack was already stuffed with plenty of great reading material.

As I flipped through the pages, taking in Kona news, trail news, road news and dirt news a lot of it caught my attention and a lot of it seemed just a regurgitation of old news as new news.

I left most of it behind (except the M&M’s – you gotta have chocolate for a 14-hour flight) and made my way through the cattle call and into my seat.

It’s late October and I’m off for a much-needed recharge of beach and ocean time after a really really long season of racing. Usually it’s Cyclocross season for me but after all the saddle time I logged this year the beach is a better form of recovery for now.

I know what’s coming through – next season. And, for me, and I bet for you too “next season” means thinking about what is “next season” actually going to be?

Generally, in November or December I get that itch that many of us get and start to scratch it by thinking about what I want to achieve “next season”.

It reminds me of flipping through all those magazines. Incredible photo’s, amazing stories, advertisements for races, events and challenges. Some interesting, some not. But, for each ad or story or adventure certainly someone somewhere sees it as says “Shit!” “That’s it – I want to do THAT!”


I want to encourage you – rather, actually challenge you, to do just “THAT”.

Find “THAT” thing, race, challenge, event or whatever it is and get yourself really excited about it. Really committed to the idea of it. Let it sink in for a day or two or a week or two and then resolve yourself to make “THAT” happen next year.

As you read this you’ve grown a little bit older and a small piece of our most precious commodity has slipped forever through your fingers – Time.  Never again in your life will you be younger than you are right now. Seize this moment and make it yours. Claim it. Own it.

I don’t want this to be a goal setting lesson, I’ll save that for a little later, (not for New Years – that is too late and way to cliché!)  but spend the next couple of weeks finding your “THAT”.

When you find it write it down, stick it on a post it and slap it on your bathroom mirror.

Name it. See it when you wake in the morning and see it when you go to bed at night.

Then, we can talk about setting the goals and map out how to make it happen. That is when the fun starts and the work begins. Until then just roll around in your “THAT” and feel great knowing it’s not even winter yet and you already know what “next season” is going to mean to you.

Stay tuned for thoughts on how to make your “THAT” a reality!

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