Mirrors are a powerful thing – But, so are you –

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October 25, 2017
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December 2, 2017
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Mirrors are a powerful thing – But, so are you –

Rear view mirror

Mirrors are a powerful thing – but – so are you –

Standing solemnly in front of the mirror is a powerful thing. There before us is us staring back. Just like in the story book the voice from the mirror is powerful. Sometimes a whisper, sometimes a scream, usually a steady voice always reinforcing what we think.
We see our current physique – and the voice may say “looking good,” “not what you used to be,” “WOW,” “hmmmmm,” or “Fantastic!”
We see our age and the voice in our head overpowers the voice in the mirror and might say, “How did you get in there?”

The power of the mirror is strongly present in our cars. Looking back to our sides and straight behind us. Like the voice in our minds – so often – looking back.
The mirrors in our life share one distinct difference from the one in the story book though.
We have no mirror that looks forward for us – telling us of the future.

Occasionally I am brave enough to really look at myself in the mirror. Not that cursory scanning look, but a full eye to eye stare looking and acknowledging me as me.
I’ve practiced using these moments to have a frank conversation with myself. Not the “self-talk” that constantly spins through our mind. Not the mirror talking, which is really just our self-talk within the reflection. But an actual conversation spoken out loud. (A little heads up from experience – this is best done when you are completely alone and where no one can see or hear you!).
It’s extremely powerful and a bit odd to hear your actual voice in a two-sided conversation and when you add to this you staring right back at you it can be intimidating. That said, I encourage you to try it.

About now you are probably asking what is the point of this and how the hell does it relate to a coaching blog?
I’m glad you asked!

The points are these:
Life is freaking busy and it is important to be reminded to stop once in a while and take a minute for you.
Occasionally it is worth looking yourself in the eye and being frank.
What the mirror says is very powerful, but take time to ask:
Is it accurate?
Is it what I want?
Do I want to change what it “says?”
Do I want to change what I see?

My AYS coaching is about that. Amazing Your Self. Doing it different, doing it for YOU.

If you simply want to run a ½ marathon start running and google “how to run a ½ marathon.”
(As of this writing the results are About 44,100,000 results (0.66 seconds))

If, however you want to change that conversation or image, be it the visual or mental one, Amaze Your Self could be just what you need. The little something extra to remind you to slip on your shoes, get out the door, structure your training and stop looking back.

If this resonates with you take a look at http://www.amazeyourself.life and reach out. I’m here to help.

Yours in the Outdoors,

Morgan Murri

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