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Why AYS?

Amaze Your Self Today

We all want to do something we can’t.


Run,ride, swim (or all three) farther or faster than we have before?

That’s where I come in!

An expert in helping you reach your true potential and then expanding it!

If you can dream it – I’ll help you do it. Join me and l will help you “Amaze Your Self”.

Your physical preparedness gets you to the starting line. Your mental preparedness gets you to the finish line. With AYS you get the full package!

For some of you physical fitness is all you need and I excel at that. For others, physical plus mental training really helps. And in my experience, for all of us those times, challenges, events or goals come up that mentally and physically push us way beyond our comfort zone. When that happens it's great to know AYS is in your corner and on your team! Join AYS and be prepared to START and FINISH! AYS it's about what happens "between the lines" Join AYS to be prepared to START and to FINISH!

AYS blog

A Journey
With a Story

Through decades of trial, error, tribulation and ultimately – experience – I’ve learned that with the right mindset, the right beliefs and strong will – leading to self-confidence – ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

My Personal Story

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