Coaching Bike Riders

Gravel, Road, Dirt or Tour's, Going far? I'll get you there

It sounds easy enough but putting it together in training and then on race day is TOUGH.

As a USA Cycling Level 2 Coach with years of experience Coach Morgan has the cycling expertise and insight to make you better on your bike whatever it is you want to do!

I am ready if you are!

Your time is as precious as your goals - at AYS it is all about communicating and planning your strategy and event day! Coach Morgan will give you clear, organized, efficient and highly effective training plans, guidance, tips,insight and communication. Saving you valuable time and resource allowing you to train great and still have a life!

You are a person, not a "template" to me. Work, family, sick days and life happens. At AYS I promise to give you open, 2-way communication and flexibility to adapt and change as your training and your life evolves. If you are not sure which package to choose or you're unsure about coaching in general, or AYS specifically, just pick up the phone, shoot me a text or email and I'll walk you though any questions, thoughts or concerns!

I LOVE what I do. I LOVE supporting and interacting with you and the 'communications' structure outlined below are minimums. Regardless of the plan you choose know that you will get my complete attention.

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Peak coaching plan

In person start up consultation
Daily workouts
Unlimited adjustments
Daily workout data review
Daily communication (app/txt)
Weekly phone call
50% off camps, indoor spin, bike fit
Training Peaks Premium account
Video analysis
no-limit client initiated communication
Monthly in-person meeting/review

Pinnacle Coaching Plan

In person start up consultation
Daily workouts
Unlimited adjustments
Daily workout data review
Daily communication (app/txt)
Weekly phone call
50% off camps and bike fit
Training Peaks Premium account
Video analysis
no-limit client initiated communication
Bi-weekly in-person meeting/review
Free indoor winter spin
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FAQ's Bike Coaching


Why would I want a Coach?

One of the biggest advantages of bringing a Coach into your training, especially with AYS and my comprehensive perspective and background, is you have an expert in your corner.

Coach Morgan is there all the way looking at the variables for you.

A great coach pays attention to the critical details of your daily training as well as the comprehensive ‘Big Picture’ and ‘what-if’s’.

This gives you peace of mind freeing you up to spend your limited and precious time to focus on your training.

Additionally a Coach will keep you accountable to your goals and what it takes to achieve them and most importantly a mentor and confidant that truly believes in you and your dreams!

If you are ready to take your performance to a new level and have a comprehensive performance plan – versus just a workout template – let’s connect. I am ready. Are you?


What monitoring equipment do I need?

1-Data Matters. To get the most out of your training you need a heart rate monitor and a power meter for riding. (I can give you suggestions on both - a power meter isn't mandatory but REALLY helps me help you!)

2- Garmin (or similar) watch capable of heart rate, power, pace and speed monitoring.


How do my workouts work?

AYS uses dynamic software create by Training Peaks.

Most athletes choose to have their workouts emailed to them each morning.

AYS provides, at our expense, a "Premium" Training Peaks account.

You have unlimited access to your account so you can view your calendar, workout files, workout data and historical records of your efforts.

Training Peaks is also how we share feedback, comments, reviews and input with one another specific to each workout.

Your daily workouts are specific to each discipline and will give you specific duration/distance (or both) and intensity of all workouts. In addition you will receive descriptions of workout details such as "power", "speed" or "cadence" etc.

We will set up your Garmin, power meter, and smart trainer, to link directly to Train Peaks to automatically upload your workouts upon completion.

Within each workout is a "Post Activity Comments" area that you can leave feedback for Coach Morgan and vice-versa


How much time do I need to train each week? How many weeks to get ready?

This depends on your goals, how long until your event, your experience and the distance/discipline.

As a general rule. Considering you have base fitness and some experience.


Hours per week

Short races and 1 day tours 6-8.

Multi-day tours and longer races. 9-12, up to 15 with top finish goals

Multi-day races or very long 1 day races, 10-15 up to 20 with top finish goals

Weeks of Training (minimums)

One day tours or short race 12

Multi-day tours, long races, 12-16

Multi-day races or very long 1 day races 16-24


Beyond "coaching" what else do you do to make me better/faster?

One of my "secret weapons" is the understanding of training and racing in the heat.

Heat concerns are obvious for a summer or southern event but ofter overlooked in the mountains.

As a Badwater, (121degrees)

Marathon Des Sables (119degrees)

Hoodoo 500 (111degrees) finisher I have vast experience in training and competing in HOT conditions.

Bike Fit. As a FIST bike fit systems graduate I have a deep understanding of the comfort-performance-fast, balance of bike fitting.

Ride video analysis can play important roles in working together to help you be more efficient and economical.

Road riding, dirt, paceline and CX drills to improve your skills.

One on one and group training and instruction.

Additional resources. AYS has strong relationships with highly skilled Nutritionists, Sports Therapists and Dr.s to help you stay strong and healthy.


What equipment do I need? The deep, deep rabbit hole of gear....

There is plenty of equipment you can buy as a rider... Some more necessary than others.

Another bonus of training with AYS is our investment in "Best Bike Split". This incredible software compares the benefits of virtually everything. How much you weight, bike position, bike weight, wheels, aero helmet, wind, tires, pace, etc.

What does this mean for you our athlete? We can help you decide if it's better to wax your chain or buy an aero helmet - maybe both? Run a disc or 50mm wheels, or neither? Did you ever think paying a coach could save you money AND increase your speed? It can with AYS!

I will rank my thoughts in a general order of what you might splurge on or add.

For Sures -

Power meter. A must have if you want the best from your training.

Zwift - Indoor training software (raining days, winter days and super specific training days)

Smart trainer - Expensive but if you are serious this will help us take your indoor training to a new level.

Scosche arm strap heart rate monitor. If, like me, you are tired of the strap around your chest, this is awesome.


Extra Wheels, this applies especially to CX and road racing.

If you are serious CX or Road Racer a 2nd set of race wheels is likely in your future. But, before you spend a bunch of money let's review what you have via Best Bike Split so you understand what you are paying for.


Join AYS to be prepared to START and to FINISH!

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