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Why AYS?

Whatever it is you want to achieve – from a 5k run to a 500 mile bike ride to a new personal best – it’s time to face your fears and join me. l will help you “Amaze Your Self”.

I was less than a stellar High School athlete. I ran cross country and distance track events generally finishing dead last.
Even later on, literally “passing out” midway through my fist mountain bike race, Davos hill climb in Vail 1991, or running my first ½ marathon, Moab 1999 and walking much of it. It would have been difficult to predict my future running and cycling accomplishments.
As the saying goes, now after years and years of hard work, effort and application I am suddenly an accomplished endurance athlete!
Through it all, I was, and I believe I still am, simply ordinary. With one small exception.
Through decades of trial, error, tribulation and ultimately – experience – I’ve learned that with the right mindset and training – the right beliefs and strong will – leading to self-confidence – ordinary people can do extraordinary things!

I’ve always believed in getting help, and seeking advice and knowledge from those more intelligent than me. As I began improving as an athlete I wanted more so I sought the guidance of a coach. And, for the last decade and a half I’ve been a coached athlete. I’ve enjoyed the guidance of some of the very best coaches in the business. My fitness and my accomplishments have come a long long long way and I have learned a ton. Years and years of “do’s” and “don’ts”. Skills, drills, formulas, timing, pacing, suffering, committing and overcoming incredible odds and challenges.

But as much as I’ve benefitted from the “science” of expert coaching I’ve come to know first-hand what isn’t included in most training programs. I want to do something about that and save you the trial, error, mistakes and failures I’ve suffered.

Simply stated – athletic coaching today is totally focused on the physical training aspect of performance. Heart Rate, wattage, Vo2, threshold, intervals, endurance, nutrition, recovery. Don’t get me wrong. These are all very important and completely included as part of your training with AYS. But what everyone else leaves you on your own to figure out – the mental aspect of training and preparedness – AYS provides.

I break it down like this – Your physical preparedness gets you to the starting line. Your mental preparedness gets you to the finish line.
For some of us, the lack of mental preparedness is what keeps us from showing up at the starting line at all. For others it holds us back from attempting or completing big challenges….

If you are ready to change all that and Amaze Your Self I am ready to help you!
Morgan Murri’s Athletic Highlights
Hoodoo 300 mile bike race – Course Record Holder
Race Across the Sand (RATS) 148-mile trail race – Champion
GoPro Mountain Games Ultimate Mountain Challenge -Champion
Leadville 100 mountain bike race 5-time finisher, Podium – Single-Speed (rigid)
Leadville 100 running race 4-time finisher, Multi Time Big Buckler
Leadman (finishing all 5 Leadville events in the same season)
Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile bike race 2-time top 10 overall (on a single-speed)
Leadville Trail Marathon 3-time top 10
Trans Rockies trail race 2-time finisher, Age group winner and 8th overall
Badwater 135 mile road race – finisher
Marathon Des Sables (running race across the Sahara) finisher
4 Corner Cyclocross Series B season champion














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